Pure indulgence and Utter Bliss!

Better than Chocolate!

A wonderful therapeutic back massage which incorporates the stimulation of specific meridians and energy channels of the back, neck and shoulders.

The treatment embraces relaxing and beneficial massage techniques, crystal palm stones, a crystal wand and a crystal merkaba energy field.

The essence of eastern healing is to see the body as a harmonious whole. Health is achieved by maintaining the body in a delicate balance of Yin and Yang, which are mutually dependent opposites.

* Yin is the dark side of the mountain, cool, passive and still

* Yang is the bright side of the mountain, warm, active and open

The body`s harmony is also based on the interplay of five elemental forces represented by earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Each of these elements corresponds to an internal organ as well as emotions, tastes, colours and sounds.

When a correct balance of forces exists, Qi, the essential life force, flows smloothly through meridians connecting the organ systems.

A proper balance of all five elements is required for the total harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the treatment offered is designed to seek a balance of all five elements for total physical, spiritual and Ener-qi wellbeing.

Better than chocolate? Well almost! We end the treatment with a wonderful infusion of bodybutter - maybe chocolate!!

1  Hour Treatment  -  £30.00

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